Adventures of Solace

How to Contact Us

Our new iridium phone is working well, although sometimes we stow it when we leave the boat. We love hearing from all our friends.

How to contact us on the boat, anywhere in the world, for FREE!       I repeat FREE!

1. Jot this number down... 8816 3161 2643

2. Go this website here

3. Put the number and message in the fields required.

    The first four digits are entered for you.

4. Send as many text messages as you like

Our Blog (Our News)

Get the latest news with  this link or click the blog heading above.

Boat Projects

Ours and other boat projects are covered here

Where is the boat?

Check us out at Shiptrak. We like this site the best.

Also here at  Winlink . The call sign to look for is ZL3TGF which is our Ham call sign. In some reporting sites you will also see our boat name Solace. The boat call sign for the Marine SSB  is ZMS7760. An Iridium Phone has been purchased. Details including free texting are available above

And we are also using this site for coastal passage while we have internet.  Skipr

Fair Winds
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